Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas

‘Tis that time of the year again. No, not that time. That time.

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6 Classic Shoe Styles Every Woman Should Own.

This is by no means an instructional list… But, I was just thinking like if you needed to have one of each style of shoes, which are the most important? Like which ones will you never be able to do without? This is my list.

I might actually be lacking in some aspects ( 😦 )

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12 Books Every Fashion Girl Should Read

Can I call this the sequel to the post on fashion movies you absolutely have to see (you can check it out here)?

On a more serious note though, it does not matter if you are an intern at a magazine, studying to be a fashion designer, you want to expand your knowledge about fashion or you just love to dress up, there is something for everyone in this list.

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November Wishlist

November wishlist

Hi guys!!! As with every month, I post my new finds and obsessions that I’m hoping to get for the following month and here’s the selection for November.

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Liquid Lipsticks You Need To Own For Fall 2015

We all know liquid lipsticks are the rave now (If you didn’t know, whatttt?) because, why not? They smooth on your lips like a gloss and they mostly dry matte/velvety. What’s not to love?  Don’t answer that.

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