September Wishlist

Wake me up, when September ends…
September wishlist

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Bohemian Chic With A Twist.


Someone asked me yesterday, “Why don’t you wear fitted clothes?”…

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7 Movies Every Fashion Girl Should Watch

DIOR AND I, international poster art, far right: Raf Simons, 2014. ©The Orchard
DIOR AND I, international poster art, far right: Raf Simons, 2014. ©The Orchard
Whether you work as a Sales Assistant, a Buyer, a model, a blogger or even as an upcoming designer, as long as you are involved in fashion, there are some movies that will shape and sometimes remind you of you in the fashion world that you cannot afford not to watch. As I have not done anything with my time this holiday, I asked myself what I love the most and the obvious answer was fashion and also watching movies till 5am in the morning, I decided to put that superpower to good use.

I have put together some of the best fashion (based/inclined) movies with their trailers below.

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Bandana Drama

IMG_5812 (1)

Bandana don’t want no drama. (Lame!)

Hi there lovely people!

How is it going? August is almost over and I absolutely regret not doing anything this summer as it’s getting cool in this part of town already… Anyhoo, there will be more summers.

Moving on! Have you been looking to take your outfits up a notch, you know to give it that oomph(how’s this pronounced?) effect withough trying too much? I think we have the perfect answer… The bandanas.

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Beat The Rainy Season With These Maxi Cardigans

All Aboard Maxi Cardi
All Aboard Maxi Cardi

Once again, the rains are upon us. Some of us love it and some don’t like it very much. Personally, I’m not really a big fan of rain (as much as I know it is needed or whatever) I just feel so ugh the whole day… Not forgetting that we have to deal with carrying an umbrella and then battling with the chilly wind that comes with it.

If you are grumpy like me, I have found the solution to one of the problems. No, not umbrellas. Maxi cardigan. They’re a win-win because, they can take almost* any outfit from drab to fab and they keep you warm enough during the rainssss.

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