Personal Style – Fringed Knit Dress

This outfit was from Brussels from over the weekend as I talked about here.

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Travel Post: Brussels.

Heyyyy guys!

How you doinggggg? (Can you guess someone is feeling good?)

I was desperately craving an escape ‘cos I was up to my neck with work/school etc and this window to go to Brussels (Belgium) for the weekend with 7 of my friends and classmates came up and I was definitely up for it.

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Personal Style: Bustier Layering.

Hey people!

How did your weekend go? Did you do anything fun (unlike me)?


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12 Books Every Fashion Girl Should Read

Can I call this the sequel to the post on fashion movies you absolutely have to see (you can check it out here)?

On a more serious note though, it does not matter if you are an intern at a magazine, studying to be a fashion designer, you want to expand your knowledge about fashion or you just love to dress up, there is something for everyone in this list.

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Personal Style: Tale Of a Skirt.

Hi beautiful people!

Happy Hump Day! I hope you aren’t as grumpy as I am today. Seize the day!

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