Street Style: Traditional With a Twist.

With the advent of social media, it has been really easy to show off creativity to either the admiration or critique of people.

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Street Style: Two Gentlemen and a Lady

More Street Style from Lagos…

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The Lagos Home Show

The 3rd Edition of the Lagos Home Show + Foodie in Lagos Fair.
The premiere fair in Lagos for discovering quality bits and pieces as well as services that make living in Lagos more bearable. The Fair will take place on Sunday, 8th of May, 2016 at the Mega Plaza Rooftop at 12pm.

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Personal Style: Two Buns and a Pink Dress

Late into the night, one night last week, I was lamenting on my Twitter about how I needed an outfit for the Business Fashion Seminar that did not include denim which was almost impossible anyway. 

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Street Style: Akin Faminu

Ran into one of my fav male bloggers in Lagos (Shhh he doesn’t know) and of course he brought his A-game as usual.

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