15 Cat Eye Sunglasses You Should Be Looking To Buy Right Now – All Under $50

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Steve Madden Cat Eye Sunglasses
Steve Madden Cat Eye Sunglasses

Cat Eye style sunglasses are essential style accessories for these scorching temperatures in the sun. They are the perfect whimsical accessories to take your outfit up a notch.

The style suits every face, just make sure to go for the size that flatters your facial structure.

Also, go for different colours and prints. Rules were made to be broken!

Here’s how people wore them:

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3 Ways I Styled A Crop Top For This Summer.


Hi lovelies! I hope your week is starting on a good note!

I styled this simple but chic Zara semi crop top 4 ways in this post. (Semi because it does not stop exactly on the smallest part of my waist but it is not long enough to be called a proper top.)

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Bold Prints & Colors! Jason Porshe Unveils its Spring/summer 2016 collection “Bella Vista”.


Nigerian Menswear Label Jason Porshe unveils its Spring/summer 2016 collection titled “Bella Vista” an apt name considering the source of its inspiration: Italian suiting and its strong style signature in the world today.

The Mod Styling – The Mod Styling for the unisex collection continues with The Jason Porshe Offerings for Spring/summer 2016 in typical “POSH” fashion,the clearest iterations of this can be found in the shawl lapel print tuxedos to the monochromatic peak lapel suits (on the ad campaign) and the Female zipper Suits as well.

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How I Tie My Turban (Pictorial)


So we all know our hair cannot be – permit me to use this phrase – “on fleek” all the time. Especially if you are a naturalista like me and it is a constant struggle when your hair is in twists or rollers or you are deep conditioning and you have to leave the house. Surely, you can not step out like that, except you really want to channel that look. But, if you’re trying to remain cute without taking out your twists when they are not fully dry, resulting in puffy frizzy hair, this pictorial is for you! 

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The “Basics”: Day 5 (Finally!)

Always sooo extra!

I think I have a bit of OCD because I was hoping this series would end on a neutral number (I don’t even know what that means) like 5, 7 or 10 but I was stuck on 4 all along. I have been super super super busy so I haven’t been able to shoot any pictures until now.

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