Lookbook: Demure by ‘Denike Debut Collection. 

Heyyy guysss!

How has the year been for you so far?

So I’m finally bringing what I’ve been up to, to you guys as I’ve promised. The debut collection is finally hereeee! Whoot whoot!  

Working on this collection taught me a few lessons about life.. haha. Cos I was never satisfied, and I kept on changing something and fixing something, but then I realized that life isn’t going to wait for me to be perfect for it to move on, so I decided to do it regardless. If not, I’ll probably still be on “fixing” it.

I’ve learnt that growth is important and to me, that means that, you can keep striving to perfection WHILE you move. Although, I’m afraid it’s not as perfect, I’m doing it.

Here’s to doing it afraid but still learning and growing.

The collection is really dear to me cos it’s a juxtaposition of traditional tie dye (adire) techniques and contemporary fabrics and that is something I’m  excited about.

Creating a fun and trendy way to wear Yoruba culture and heritage while encouraging ethical fashion as it was made in Nigeria by Nigerians from the hand dyeing of fabrics to the sewing by local artisans, hereby creating opportunities.

Check it out below guys:

Shoot Credits

Model: @adun_osilowo

Makeup: @jwartistry

Styling: @mruduku

Photography: @theadenike (yours truly)

Set Assistant: @maggypay

Adire Fabric: @adirelounge

The stock is limited so hurrryyyy. You can check @demurebydenike.rtw on IG for details on how to order.

A huge thank you to ALL who made this happen. The calls, messages of encouragement etc. knowing that people believe in you, is a privilege I don’t plan to take for granted.
P.S: I would absolutely love to hear your opinion on this collection. Totally up for constructive criticism.


24 thoughts on “Lookbook: Demure by ‘Denike Debut Collection. 

    1. Thank you!!! I totally get what you mean… Since I’m just starting out, I’m trying to see what works and what niche I’m trying to carve for myself. I’m working on my next collection already and I’m definitely using a wide range of fabrics… thank you so much for the honest feedback, love. ❤️


  1. *Deep breath* Yasssss girl this is awesome , the rich blend of adire and that white footwear 💯💯 plus mix and match #polka dots and adore wow girl , adire never looked this beautiful. Thank you for sharing

    Liked by 1 person

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