Lifestyle: Happy 2017

Heyyyy we made it!

Whether you live in Melbourne and got it in pretty early or you were one of the last ones in Honolulu, I wish you a Happy New Year! I hope this year brings good tidings to us.

Speaking of good tidings, I started out the year with a bang (figuratively, of course).. I was considered by the good people at Guardian Newspaper/ Guardian Life Magazine as a new face in the media industry. *gasp* Aaand they put me on a cover, yeah, lil ol’ me! Also with Sharon Ooja (@Sharon_ooja) and Chike (@officialchike)

UPDATE: Click here to read the story.

In the interview, I spoke about how I started my journey into fashion and social media.
Check out some of the other shots from the shoot

Some BTS


Shoot credit

Creative Direction – @themadamezeta

Styling – @mruduku

Makeup – @eyesome_beauty

Photography- @jerrie_rotimi

Hair Styling – @beautyace7

2017 looking good already! What are your plans for this year?

N.B: For my non-Nigerian readers, Guardian Newspaper is a national daily newspaper. 


16 thoughts on “Lifestyle: Happy 2017

    1. Hi there, Shona. Thank you for your kind words, I really appreciate. I have just uploaded a photo of my page in the magazine. Kindly let me know what you think xx

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