Personal Style: Dress up/down The Slip Dress. 

Who loves this Boudoir trend as much as I do? (This includes Pyjamas, slip dress and lingerie-inspired tops) Show of hands.

As “demure” as I can be, I think if it’s done right it can be really tasteful. I mean you don’t have to just wear your sexy-times-outfit in public just ‘cos you’re following a trend. The problem with that is, it’s probably gonna come out tasteless and you haven’t embodied the trend, you’re just following it.

Anyway, here’s my take on the slip dress.

Dress down

I was able to tone down the dress with a white tee and sneakers. Minimal jewelry as well.

Dress up.

I switched my sneakers for heels and added a large pearl choker for that evening/dressy look, dropped the bucket bag and picked up a purse. If you have the time, change your makeup to something more sexy – think deep red lipstick. (This looks makes me want to go to a bourgeois restaurant and order the most Italian dinner ever)

Which look are you more comfortable with? Or how would you style your slip dress? Let’s talk.

Dress – Thrifted

Sneakers and Bucket bag – Bershka

Heels – Zara


8 thoughts on “Personal Style: Dress up/down The Slip Dress. 

    1. Hahaha. I know how you feel. I actually tried another look with the tee on top of the dress and then I knotted it at the waist but it covered the neckline detail so I didn’t take pictures of it.

      But you never know until you try. 😀

      Thanks for stopping by, love. Have a good week.

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      1. I tend to stick to the same old thing. Jeans and t shirts with sneakers or heels depending on if it’s dress up or dress down… I just realised today almost all my dresses are the same colour 😢😢😢

        I think it’s time I tried moving out of my comfort zone 😂

        Have a fab week. Looking forward to other posts

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