Personal Style: How To Wear Sequins for Day. 

Hi guys! 

How y’all doing!!? 

I’m sure you guys are actually tired of reading my apologies for taking off as much as I do but I’d like to say it’s for a good cause. Can’t wait to tell you guys! Soooon. 

I’m sure sometimes we can all do with a little bling once in a while. I know I can

There’s this feeling of extra fabulosity it gives. Like I just want to spend the entire day in front of an air machine, give one too many cheek kisses and flip my hair as often as possible. But that will only give me a headache so I won’t do that. 
Instead, I wore it to a football game. Gasp

I mean, how could I? Haha. Well, I survived with these tips and I hope they can come in handy for you too someday. 

  • Layer with a very plain tee/shirt/jacket 
  • Don’t wear blinged out jewelry or be as minimal as possible (you’re trying to tone down not add to the bling)
  • Wear unexpected shoes (sneakers/brogues/ballet flats)
  • Stick with nudes/browns 

Oh, don’t forget to pose with your cup freshly squeezed fruits that’s actually just left with ice and water. 

What I’m wearing:

Dress/purse: Bershka

Shoes: Nike


10 thoughts on “Personal Style: How To Wear Sequins for Day. 

  1. Hon, I loooove this look and good to have you back in the blogosphere! Also, very handy tips on how to wear sequins come day or night, and I like the way you paired the bling dress with a pair of low key trainers. It’s all about contrast and detailing, have a gd wk ( :


    1. Hi love!

      Thank you ❤️ I tried to look as normal as possible with that much bling during the day. I think it worked.

      Thanks for stopping by hun. Have a good weekend.


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